Good For The Soul

We got to take my niece Madison to the barn where she rides and it was definitely a beautiful day to go! The last time I was there it was the dead of winter, and after about 5 minutes I couldn't feel my fingers and toes! This time though, it was a lovely mild temperature and I could spend a longer time outside with the horses. 

Dexter and Mackie (the horse I met today) were so sweet and loveable, I felt so at ease around them and I left feeling happier than I thought I would. I also learned that you shouldn't try to take Obie away from his grass pile or he gets a little nippy, but for the most part he was still a gentle giant. It was so fun to watch Maddy ride bareback and get some pictures for her, plus Dex was looking great! 

When we got home we made dinner (more like wrestled a spaghetti squash...) and mellowed out after a productive day!